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Inadmissibility Issues Explained

An explanation of some of the major causes of inadmissibility and their possible remedies.

How to Overcome a Citizenship denial

What can you do after you have received a denial for citizenship? The video explains the most common reasons for denial and the available remedies for such denial.

The Path to US Citizenship: ICE FREE IMMIGRATION

Sometimes ICE can be difficult to get passed on your way to becoming a US Citizen. We can help.

This short clip comedy depicts one man's "Path to Citizenship" No representations are made of the characters in this short clip, all characters were created for the sole purpose of the short clip comedy "The Path to US Citizenship"

ICE Free Immigration

Navigating waters of Immigration laws can be frustrating and costly. SAVE your time and money: call Law Office of Alena Shautsova for directions!

Adjustment Of Status

Green Card Through Asylum

Брак с гражданином США: процесс оформления документов

Срок подачи заявления на политическое убежище в США

Provisional Waiver - I-601A Waiver of Unlawful Presence

New York Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova talks on Immigration

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