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  • Marriage Fraud And 237(a)(1)(H) Waiver


    US immigrationlawyer: Author: New York Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova False statements during the immigration process generally make a person inadmissible and deportable but eligible for a waiver. However, some particular statements come with even worse con...

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  • Renewing I 485 Application In Immigration Court


    US deportationlawyer: Author: New York Deportation Attorney Alena Shautsova Adjustment of status application I 485 is usually filed with USCIS. In fact, it has to be filed with USCIS unless the person in removal proceedings. In removal proceedings, only the I...

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  • Asylum Interview: Current Scheduling Times


    US asylumlawyer: Author: US Asylum Attorney Alena Shautsova In early 2018, DHS changed drastically its practices related to the scheduling of asylum interviews. If previously an applicant for asylum could stay in line for the interview for years, nowadays ...

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  • New NTA Policy Starting October 1, 2018


    US immigrationlawyer: Author: New York Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova NTA or Notice to Appear is a charging document with the filing of which starts a removal (deportation) proceeding against a person in the US. Ordinary, it would be ICE (or immigration “...

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