Changes To Visa Waiver Program

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Law office of Alena Shautsova is a boutique US immigration New York law firm that is focused on its clients' immigration goals and interests. Our NYC immigration lawyers are dedicated to provide the best short and long term solutions to every unique situation. Although US Immigration laws are equal for everybody, each client's story is different.

Our US immigration lawyers recognize that, making every step with our clients towards their dream. Whether it is a family sponsored petition, or a multi-million dollar business US immigration project that we are working on, every New York City lawyer in our law firm is dedicated to pursue excellence, great customer service and corresponding results. The results we get for our clients are our best witnesses of the diligent work our New York immigration lawyers do.

The best way to find immigration help is to reach our New York lawyers by phone 917 885 2261, schedule a consultation in our Brooklyn office or use our free case evaluation form.

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Changes To Visa Waiver Program


NYC immigration lawyer: Usually, to come to one country from another, a person would have to obtain a visa, or permission. Citizens of the United States may travel without visas to many countries, but for some countries they do need to obtain visas. Non-U.S. citizens usually have to apply for a visa before coming to the United States. However, citizens of specified by the law countries do not need visas to enter the US if they come with non-immigrant intent (do not plan to stay in the U.S. or work), and visit U.S. for a relatively short period of time (typically, no longer than 90 days). This exception is known as "Visa Waiver". Visa Waiver has its pluses (there is no need for a formal visa application) and minuses: one who enters the U.S. on a Visa Waiver cannot change his/her status to any other status (limited exceptions apply), and is subject to expedited removal in case of status violation. After the terrorist attacks in San Bernadino and Paris, the Visa Waiver Program has come under extreme scrutiny...

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Extending H1B Status After 6 Year Cap

work visas

NYC immigration lawyer: An H1B worker may stay and work in the U.S. for a total of 6 years only. It means, that upon conclusion of the 6 -year period, the H1B holder has to leave the U.S., and will not be able to qualify for another H1B visa, unless he/she spends 1 year abroad. However, recognizing the need of the U.S. ...

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Religious Immigration: Qualifications And Requirements


NYC immigration lawyer: A worker in religious vocation may apply for an R-1 visa after a corresponding petition was filed and granted on his/her behalf. In addition, such a worker may adjust his/her status to one of a permanent resident using Special Immigrant Status Petition, I -360. Religious vocation as per USCIS is ...

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R-1 Non-immigrant Visa For Religious Workers


NYC immigration lawyer: Over time, a religious organization may encounter the need for a minister, religious worker in occupation, or religious worker in vocation who is currently stationed overseas. For religious organizations with an already established US bona fide non-profit organization the basic requirements for th...

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P Is For Performing – P Non-immigrant Visa Overview

work visas

NYC immigration lawyer: The P Non-immigrant visa category has four (4) separate classifications, P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4. The main distinction between O and P visa is that the P visa is limited to a specific event whether it be a competition, sports season, tour, exhibition, a performance even. This limitation does not li...

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Flexible US Immigration Services

Our NYC lawyers are focused on US immigration and speak your language! We connect with our clients the way they choose it at the time they choose it. You could benefit from our flexible payment options and a friendly, ready to serve you team of experienced New York immigration lawyers to support your needs, including transportation and travel arrangements, document collection, translation and interpretations, apostile, notary public, and services in the countries overseas (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, China, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, India, Pakistan).

US Immigration Know-How And Fast Response

Our US immigration lawyers share their knowledge about immigration or the corresponding legal matter with our clients and help them to get acquainted with the US immigration process; New York lawyers provide support in collecting the legal documents necessary for your immigration; New York immigration lawyers connect the clients with a network of specialists; always answer the phone or return a phone call within 2 hours; our New York lawyers are easy and fast to reach by email and text messages; get prepared for the interviews and appearances by experienced lawyers, explaining your every step and stage of the US immigration process; our attorneys will provide regular updates on the cases and issues we work on.

Law Firm That Will Fight For Your US Immigration Status

Shautsova's US immigration lawyers will fight for your immigration status; we fight for your dreamed entry Into the United States of America and ability to live without pressure of being deported; New York lawyers take the worries regarding your US immigration status out of your life.

Long Term US Immigration Solution

NY lawyers provide long term solutions for your US immigration challenges: tell us your goal and our experienced immigration lawyers will help you achieve it. We make the most complex US immigration problems easy for you!

Russian Speaking US Immigration Lawyer NYC

Alena Shautsova is the only Russian speaking attorney who is a member of the NYSBA Special Committee on Immigration Representation in New York. New York Lawyer with a Superb ( the highest) rating on one of the most credible attorney ranking systems Over the course of her career as a immigration lawyer in New York Ms. Shautsova has handled over a hundred marriage petitions, appeals, adjustment of status applications, employment based petitions and waivers. She successfully represented clients at the asylum hearings and interviews; cancellation of removal hearings and marriage interviews.

Read our US immigration success stories, and call or email our immigration New York lawyers today!

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A recent U.S. Supreme Court holding that grand jury witnesses are entitled to absolute immunity from a civil rights action will not shield a police officer accused of malicious prosecution where the officer initiated the case by signing a criminal complaint, a federal judge in Brooklyn has held.

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