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Alena Shautsova is one of the best immigration attorneys in our country

By: a client
Rating: Excellent

Mrs Shautsova with her accurate hard work , professionalism and quality service she was able to get approvals of the approval of 601 and 212 waivers for my brother who was deported twice with 20 year bar and criminal grounds.

I am very grateful to Mrs Shautsova

And highly recommend her because she has an extensive experience representing her clients. Her fees are very reasonable

Green card petition

By: a client
Rating: Excellent

I decided to call Alena when my first lawyer told me, that my green card case doesn't have a good outlook, and I would need one or two years to justify my legalization. Alena gave me professional advice and convinced me that we have a good chance to win. It took us four months to develop a new petition and prepare all the necessary documentation. In four months, after initially contacting Alena, I got approval of my petitions. It means that all her efforts proved effective. Alena, thank you for your professional work.

Thank you

By: Nelly
Rating: Excellent

My brother's case was almost impossible . He had 2 deportations first was 10 years and second -20 years and very complex criminal case. Alena made both

waivers 601 and 212 approved. Ms Shautsova is very knowledgeable and she knows how to deal with very difficult cases. I tried a lot of immigration attorneys spent lots of money.

We are very very happy

Highly Intelligent, Flexibly Intuitive, and Sincerely Caring

By: Terence
Rating: Excellent

My experience with Alena Shautsova has been more than pleasant, & I mean that in all aspects. From start to finish, she not only gave my wife & I the confidence we needed to go through all the necessary steps but she was always informative, polite, easy to talk to, & understanding. I’m someone that always does a great deal of research before I spend money on something, whether it’s something as important as a lawyer or doctor, or something as basic as a mousepad. Anyone researching Ms.Shautsova will find that she has a stellar record & a prestigious background in immigration law. It was the start of my confidence & what led me to contact her in the first place. I am extremely keen when it comes to extrapolating on-paper data into real world scenarios, no matter how abstract the connection. It’s a gift that allows me to see other people’s gifts & how good they can be at it. Believe me when I say, Alena met & EXCEEDED all my expectations no matter the hardships we encountered.

To give a brief description of the situation we had, my wife is Canadian & I am an American citizen. In one of my visits to her, an uncontrollable event forced us to have her cross the border with me on my way back to the U.S.. She overstayed the 6 months that Canadians are allowed to stay within a 12 month period. By this point we’ve been together for 2 and a half years. Another issue was that the border officer who checked us on the Amtrak did not stamp her passport upon entry. I actually had to ask for mine to be stamped as that is something that I prefer to have for my own records.

Fast forward a year and a half into gathering records, filing documents (all of which is made easy with the fact that all you have to do is hand what she asks of you to her), Ms.Shautsova training and preparing us, and my wife and I attending the necessary government protocols such as her getting her biometrics done, we were finally scheduled for an interview. The man who interviewed us was an extremely unfair person and was not satisfied with what we had so we were scheduled for another more in depth interview. This had my wife and I really worried, not so much that we had anything to hide or did anything wrong, as our relationship was as real as it can possibly be, but when someone is the most important thing in the world to you, even the small notion of possibly being separated from them even for a brief moment, is going to eat away at you.

This is where Ms.Shautsova is not only one of the most knowledgeable, skilled, clever, and intelligent immigration lawyer around, but also very considerate, kind, and keenly knows what to inform you about in order for you to regain your composure and your confidence. She briefed us on all our options, what each path would require, and trained us extensively for the interview. She even briefed us on the possible negative outcomes and the solutions for them to keep us from worrying. If you have anything specific to ask, you can be comfortable in asking her. She does not judge. For the two years we knew her we always felt like we were talking to an extremely reliable friend who was helping us get through a stressful situation, instead of just a professional who we were paying to solve our problems. Speaking of payment, Alena’s prices are more than fair. For two years we only paid once, which was the initial payment we agreed to at the very beginning. With Alena Shautsova, you are getting ELITE quality service for the price of your normal lawyer, and I do not exaggerate.

At the end of it all, Ms.Shautsova fought for us and we were able to acquire residency for my wife. If an immigration lawyer is what you’re looking for, I can’t give you a reason why anyone would need to look further. Knowing her for two years, it’s easy for me to see how vast and extensive her knowledge in the field is.

One final thing I want to add in here: Her assistant is a great guy. He played a big role in keeping my wife and I from worrying too much.

Excellent Service

By: a client
Rating: Excellent

Ms. Shautsova is confident, optimistic, and very helpful and resourceful. She made sure that my immigration case was completed as soon as possible. Her turnaround time is fantastic, she replies to emails at any hour of the night. I would recommend her services to anyone! Best of all, she is a genuine person who is interested in your case and wants to truly help you out.

Great advices and right to the point!

By: Oleg
Rating: Excellent

I had a criminal charge in the past and was applying to US visa. The situation was borderline and could turn any way. I asked Alena to provide a 1 time phone consultation.

Alena reviewed documents and prepared for the call. Her answers were very practical and up to the point.

She relieved my nervousness and provided clear explanations and way to go further. Visa received.

Thanks Alena! Great job done.

Алена предоставила отличную консультацию по поводу судимости вне США и возможности получения визы. Ее советы были направлены на практику, и действительно помогли.

Я рекомендую ее тем, кто сомневается в своем случае, и нуждается в консультативной поддержке.

Professional Lawyer!!!

By: Andrey
Rating: Excellent

I know Alena for more than four years. She helped me several times with my Travel Document applications, everything was done operatively and properly. She is great person that always can help in difficult case. I recommend her as a lawyer.

Excellent lawyer for Immigration procedures.Master of her profession.

By: Abdulvosit
Rating: Excellent

I heard about Alena from my friends when I was looking for professional lawyer for my Green Card problems. Before coming to A.Shautsova , I talked to my friends and her clients to make sure that she is the right person that I can address her about my Immigration Issue. My friends and her clients highly recommended her with 100% confidence.

She is very sympathetic about her clients. She made my life easier and happier by her positive approach towards my case. She is very organized and experienced that she provided us step by step advice and consulting on the process. We achieved a success on our case and I highly recommend her others as an excellent lawyer with my confidence. In the future I am gonna use her for my other family cases.

Excellent lawyer

By: Tito
Rating: Excellent

Alena is a superb lawyer with an amazing grasp of the american jurispudence...she extremly witty,helpful and takes her time to explain the necessary steps needed to be takin in the case...would dedinatly recommend her to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer in new york city.

Knowledge & Experience.

By: Al
Rating: Excellent

Alena is a diligent and knowledgeable professional.

Explains the best way to approach the issue, functions without delays. Stays on top of the situation and was always approachable. Besides all of the above, she is also a nice person to deal with.


Employment Law- Sharp and Intelligent

By: a client
Rating: Excellent

I found Alena via and I have to say the reviews from clients were very true and helpful. I met Alena in her boutique law firm along with her paralegal-Greg and they were wonderful to me. Alena is always responsive to all her emails. In addition, Alena was informative, strategic and knowledgeable on how to handle employment law on case by case scenario. I was terminated because of discrimination and retaliation; Alena was able to enforce this through EEOC and with my former employer without having a nasty battle. Just to let everyone know that mediation can be long hours and delicate depending on the opponent. In my case, through mediation at EEOC, Alena was able to help me win my case. Not to mention, my former boss who terminated lost her job. Overall, my experience with Alena and Greg was great! She is now my go to person and I am keeping her. Please do contact her and you won't regret it! Alena and Greg will bring the quality and result to you!

Knowledgeable lawyer

By: Anna
Rating: Excellent

I am very glad I found Alena Shautsova. From the first phone call to her office I felt that she was very concern about her clients and eager to help. Alena helped my parents to get the citizenship status. She advised us what we should do and what documents to prepare for the application and the interview. She always responded to my questions timely. She is a very knowledgeable lawyer and a pleasant person. We received positive results and thankful to Alena for all her help. I would recommend her if you need legal services.


By: Pavlo
Rating: Excellent

Flawless process. Alena has been professional and responsive during my case. My calls were answered as soon as possible. Every little question I had was answered and explicitly explained to me.

Extremely satisfied!!!!!!

By: Anastasiia
Rating: Excellent

I know Alena for about 2.5 years and since our first meeting i still have the same feelings about her: she is very responsible, smart and really friendly attorney. she always believe in me and my case even when i completely gave up and was in desperate. she always behave very professional. Alena provide a HUGE support during my interview. Thank you so much, Alena, for everything you did for us. I'm really happy that i trust my husband's choice. Thank you A LOT


By: a client
Rating: Excellent

I just got my Green Card. Thanks to Alena. She is very smart, professional attorney, always responsive to all questions. Alena took time to explain everything in details. The process getting my GC was smooth. She cares about her clients,

I would highly recommend Alena to anyone needing legal representation.

Fantastic!!!!! READ!

By: Toni
Rating: Excellent

I highly doubt there are any words to describe how brilliant, amazing and trustworthy this woman is!

My wife and I came across Alena's information online after searching for a new lawyer for my case which we were told by a few lawyers that it was a hard one and that I would have to go back to my country in order to file which was not an option for us.

Here is a brief summary about my story: I am Jamaican and I hired an attorney there to help me through the process of getting my American Visa. He did a great job and I got a 10yr B1/B2 Visa. I came to the states and got married (my wife proposed lol) not long after. We went ahead and started to proves of me getting my papers and it went well all but one part. They knew our marriage was real but at that final interview they reveal to us that i became inadmissible and my visa was revoked because the attorney I used provided me with fraudulent information which was then relayed to the us consulate. I had commuted visa fraud unknowingly!

The attorney we were using at the time helped us get the I-130 approve but because of the visa fraud I would have to file a 601a and return to my country. We were informed that if filed and denied while I'm in Jamaica I would never be able to come back to the US EVERRR! That wasn't an option because my life was also on the line because of my sexuality. If I went back I wouldn't make it. So a few lawyers said the same thing and said I had to go back and because it's fraud it's going to be a hard one. We had lost hope and I though I was screwed! (I wish I could type the whole story but there is so much more to it)

Then we found ALENA! We met with her, what I loved most is that, we weren't just another case, she GENUINELY cared about us, she listened and remember EVERYTHING we told her. It was obvious she was no dummy and she is great at what she does. She was extremely thorough and didn't miss a beat! Everything was on point. She was so great that I got approved without having to leave the US and I received my Greencard. It hasn't even been two months since my case was submitted.

If i had a billion dollars I would give it to this lady!

I don't know if I can say it enough. She saved my life, she saved a family! I want to write more but this is just simply unexplainable!

This is truly an extraordinary woman!

Alena, once again we thank you so so so soooo much! I doubt we can ever repay you enough.

Same sex marriage based green card

By: Kartik
Rating: Excellent

Alena was very helpful in getting my greencard when I got married to my same sex partner. She was thorough and very responsive. She doubled checked all our submited documents and corrected any mistakes. She was very quick to file all our documents. She was responded to questions I had within an hour or two. She gave us a long list of potential interview questions to prepare for when we had our USCIS interview. I highly recommend her.

I 601A approved and status adjusted

By: Sergey
Rating: Excellent

I first came to Alena about one year ago. She was very professional and answered all the questions we had. My wife was very worried about me being deported and our son has a condition that requires him to be monitored by the doctors often. Alena was very understanding of the medical condition and didn't make my son feel uncomfortable when speaking about it. After about 12 months from the time we hired her I received my approval for waiver. Next we apply for my green card and USCIS website says it is in the mail ! We are very happy with Alena, other attorneys told us we had a little chance, but she spoke to us for a long time and asked us many questions when she was finished asking her questions, she told us that yes it is a difficult case, but with good preparation we can be successful. We trusted her and she got me my waiver and green card. I am very happy, my wife is not anxious anymore, and most importantly my son will have no problem seeing the best doctors in USA.

She's like a good friend.

By: Darlene
Rating: Excellent

I had my provisory Green Card for 2 years, it was time to change my status and file for the permanent one, after a not so good experience with a lawyer that didn't give me confidence and attention I decide to search for a new one. Honestly never thought I would find somebody like Alena, she was always there for me, replying my texts or emails even on weekends, Holidays or late at night. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, my case wasn't so easy but she made it feel like it was.

Gave us great guidance and confidence throughout entire immigration process, thumbs up!

By: Rassul
Rating: Excellent

I wanted to let you know that my wife received her Permanent Green Card on Friday.

Thank you for very much for all your help and great advice! Your services and overall experience with immigration, helped us easily navigate through the process. When we walked to the last interview we had the peace of mind and confidence during this very stressful last step.


By: Gregory
Rating: Excellent

Alena Shautsova represented me in criminal Immigration court here in New York, NY on 08/20/13. She came highly recommended and proved to me that anything was possible. I was mere months away from being deported due to my criminal history as a green card holder. She took my case even though I had multiple moral turpitude felony convictions and worse, an aggravated felony conviction which was automatic grounds for removal from the United States. With her polished skills, confidence and knowledge of immigration law she was able to what many would call a miracle. Alena somehow got U.S. Dept Of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Dept Of Justice's (DOJ) Immigration Judge to terminate my case without prejudice effective immediately. I'm now on the path to renewing my green card and maybe even citizenship one day. Thanks to the the Law office of Alena Shautsova and her trustee assistant Gregory I'm now a FREE MAN. It's only been one week and I still can't believe she did it, because even I didn't believe I stood a chance. I'd actually conceded my case and was in the process of making emergency plans for my imminent removal home, when two weeks before our final court hearing she informed me that she got DHS to exercise their Prosecutorial Discretion and then had them file a Motion to Dismiss my case. It's so LIBERATING, my years of suffering at the hands of Customs/Border Protection, DHS, ICE, DOJ, USCIS and Immigration Court are finally over. Thanks Alena. Thank you for your impeccable services. Thanks for the discount and thank you for your time and attention. BY FAR YOU ARE THE BEST CRIMINAL IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY ON THE EAST COAST!!!

Visiting Visa Refusal Implication

By: Abdulla
Rating: Excellent

Processing Visiting Visa to the USA could take up to maximum 3 months as per US Consulate. Though, I had an earlier expired 5 years Visiting Visa, my application for new visiting Visa to USA took more than 10 months with no avail and every time I call the US Consulate their reply that my application for Visa is still being processed. It happened, that I met a friend who had the same problem and got it sorted out via Ms. Shautsova office. I contacted Ms. Shautsova office via e-mail, sent her all document required and hired her to expedite my Visa application. First when Ms. Shautsova contacted the Consulate they told her that they still need 60-120 days to process the application. She kept at it and I got the imprint in 2 weeks. Ms. Shautsova was efficient, prompt and got the job done in no time. Why I hired Ms. Shautsova? The implication of Visa issuance refusal can be of serious consequences in these days.

Humanitarian Parole

By: Sherzod
Rating: Excellent

Alena Shautsova is the best lawyer I've ever had. I hired her 3-4 months ago for my son's matter about Humanitarian Parole. I've almost left my 1.5 years old son back home with my Mom while I was moving my wife to US but she gave me hope that I can bring him to US along with my wife while other lawyers told me that I have to wait 2-5 years. But Alena took this matter very serious and helped me to bring my 1.5 years son to US within 2 months. I would strongly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable.

Great job!!!

By: Dmitry
Rating: Excellent

3 lawers on immigration issues, with good advice and a lot of experience , refused to work on my case .I had seven arrests for four years.Their conclusions were unequivocal , legalization is not possible,the court and deportation.Alena acquainted with my case , collect the necessary documents and, after 6 months I succesfully passed interview for green cart without any complication. Alena ,a young lawyer, but a specialist of the highest class!

The attorney who really cares

By: Sviatlana
Rating: Excellent

When firs time I met Alena I was hopelessly looking for the help. I have tried several attorneys. But my experience with them was very disappointing. Some of them did not even know the difference between Russia, Belarus or Poland. Alena have seen in me not just a client but she showed a real care, compassion and trust. Even though she is very kind, Alena is very tough and knowledgeable professional. During my Immigration process she was very supportive accommodative and organized. All my papers have been submitted at the time and in the proper order. There was no question what Alena could not answer. It is not a secret that any Immigration Process is very difficult and stressful. And, it was very supportive to have a confident lawyer by my side.

Very informative

By: Devina
Rating: Excellent

I called Mrs shautsova for immigration information and she was very helpful I was more than satisfy

Exceptional Attorney, Empathetic Person

By: Josette
Rating: Excellent

I had the pleasure of meeting Alena while my case was being handled by Anthony Colleluori's office. She was assigned to my case at a time when I was feeling unsure of it's outcome and was like the ray of sunshine I needed. We spent many hours talking while waiting around in court and she was always so kind and understanding with me. I got to know her on more than just a business level because of her sharing of personal stories. I found her to be an honest, strong, good person with only my best interests at heart. I looked forward to seeing her in court and knew that despite her soft appearance on the outside she was not going to be bullied by the other attorneys on the case. She kept me informed at all times with phone calls and emails and, even when out of the country visiting family, responded to my questions immediately. She, along with Mr. Colleluori, worked hard to secure the outcome that was deserved without backing down despite the years it took and the fact that it was taken on completely Pro Bono.

Very knowlegeable, helpful and fast!!

By: Lorena
Rating: Excellent

My husband and I met with at least three lawyers before a coworker recommended Alena. After 20 minutes into our discussion we both knew we had found the right person for the job. The knowledge Alena had from previous immigration cases was quite evident from the start. Immigration requirements are so difficult to follow and we just couldn't do it alone. With in an hour of our first meeting we knew what was responsible from us as clients, and what our lawyer was going to do for us. That helpless feeling from the previous attorneys we met with quickly disappeared. Not once did we ever feel confused or unsure about the status of our case. Alena was always available by phone and quickly responded to all my emails.

A tenacious fighter behind an angel's smile

Rating: Excellent

Alena Shautsova is one of the smartest toughest lawyers I have ever dealt with. She is very pretty but don't let that fool you, cause man is she a tiger in the courtroom. Her client empathy is great, she really understands what it means to feel out of control, and helpless. Alena kept me informed the entire way through my case, and asked for my input. She never treated me like an appendage to the case. A lot of men lawyers act as if women aren't smart enough to know about law. Alena treats you as a partner in the case. She travels a lot but still calls you back no matter where she is. She works with a great team of people at Mr. Colleluori's law firm. I would not hesitate to call on her for any kind of discrimination or civil rights case.

Trustworthy, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable Attorney

Rating: Excellent

I got the chance of meeting Alena while my case was being handled at Anthony Colleluori's office. Alena was always understanding and she knew what she was doing. She was always there to answer my phone calls, emails and etc. She always kept me informed all along and even notified me if she was going out of country. For discrimination cases, it is very hard to find lawyers who will understand your pain and put themselves in your shoes but with Alena it was such a blessing of God. She answered all my little questions and never showed any sign of being irritated. Alena puts all her best efforts into the work and tries her best to get whats best for you. As her being a woman, she definately understands your problems, and pain. I would, without a doubt call upon her if I go through some thing similar and I highly highly receommend her.

My Sisiter Got Her Green Card!

Rating: Excellent

My friend recommended Ms. Shautsova when our family lost all hope. My sister's case was denied and our old lawyer did not file the motion to re-open correctly and it was denied. Ms. Shautsova helped us to correct the mistakes and eventually my sister won! I like working with Ms. Shautsova because she explained everything and always got back to us even late at night. She truly cared about us and was very patient compared to the other attorneys I have worked with in the past.

Great VISA Lowery

Rating: Excellent

after 6 month from applying to US VISA, I lost the hope to get it, My friend advice me to approach a lawyer to help me track my VISA request. I search the net and I find Alena Shautsova website I email her and within less than 2 day she get back to me. Alena was great helper, she had a phone call with me and explained everything , I sent her all the document she need and within less that 2 weeks I find my VISA bar code number in US embassy website!! Finally I get with with the help of Alena.

Succesful immigration applications begin with choosing the right representation.

By: Jason
Rating: Excellent

Prior to getting married I had lived in the United States through a series 0-1 visas for nine years. During that time, I had had the misfortune of having two criminal charges brought against me on separate occasions, and although both charges where dismissed, we were well aware that the immigration application process required full disclosure of any charges. My wife and I chose to work with Alena because in addition to her immigration expertise she has experience in criminal cases, and we felt we needed an attorney who could see our application process from all the relevant angles.

From the start Alena brought a ruthless thoroughness to the process, not just at the documentation level, but also in preparing us by helping us see the process through the eyes of USCIS. Being so well prepared for our interview meant we could relax and just be ourselves. As a result, the interview itself was actually enjoyable, even oddly romantic as my wife and I shared the details of our first meeting and subsequent life together with the immigration officer.

Insofar as the previous charges against me went, Alena provided expert guidance on how to navigate all questions arising from them, and it never became an issue.

Aside from brimming with professional knowledge and expertise, Alena is passionate about helping people. She genuinely cares about her clients on very personal level. My wife and I felt like whatever we were going through, Alena was going through it with us. Knowing and feeling that compassion gave us the confidence we needed to get through what could have been an awkward and potentially difficult process.

If we had to do it all again, without doubt we'd choose Alena to represent us.

Best Immigration Lawyer and a Good Person

By: Adam
Rating: Excellent

I met Ms. Shautsova through a friend of mine who told me that she is the best Immigration attorney. I will be honest: when we met I was surprised how young she looked. But, boy does she do a great job! She is probably one of the smartest, if not the smartest person I have ever known. I read about her before we met but nothing can describe the speed and talent this lady works with. I do not need to say that of course my case was a win. Her office staff is very efficient; her work style has a personal approach which everybody needs at the time of stressful immigration problems. I recommend this lawyer.