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How To Get a Green Card

Green card or permanent residence status is a goal of many. To get a green card you need to qualify for it under the Immigration laws of the United States. Currently, the Immigration reform drafters are trying to create new or simplify the existing paths to green card and citizenship, as the existing immigration laws make it more impossible than possible for one to receive the status. Here are the most typical ways of getting permanent resident status or green card:

Immigration Interview

In many instances, an applicant for green who is in the United States will have to go through the process called adjustment of status and will have to appear for an interview before an immigration officer. The interview is an important step, and if it is not passed, the application for adjustment of status will be denied.

It is not necessary to appear for interview with an immigration lawyer, but the truth is that the success rate of applications where the person is represented is much higher compared to those where the applicant appears by himself. Also, if you cannot afford an attorney to accompany you to the interview, you may at least meet him/her for a consultation and learn about the process and what to expect at the immigration interview.

If the interview is passed, the immigration officer will stamp the applicant passport with a seal that acts as a temporary green card and allows the applicant to travel freely in and out of the country.

Usually, dependents of the green card applicant can receive a green card together with the main applicant. However, the laws are not simple and attorney’s advice must be sought to make sure the dependents will qualify as well. To learn more about the laws in connection with immigration of children you can read here: Who Is A Child For Immigration Purposes.

Green Card and EAD

If the process is successful, the green card will be mailed to the applicant’s address. A permanent resident shall have it on him at all times. A green card holder does not need an employment authorization to work, and he or she shall change the social security card to one without restrictions.

Green Card and Travel

The green card holder may travel to and from the US freely, and all he/she needs to return back is the green card itself. However, other countries may require the green card holder to present a valid passport to enter their countries. If the green card is lost abroad, the person may obtain a boarding foil from the US consulate abroad and return back to the US. Read more about it here: Transportation Letter Or Boarding Foil.

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