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What Documents Do I need to File To Get Green Card Through Marriage?

Author: Green Card Attorney Alena Shautsova

After the US citizens marries a non-citizen they need to file certain application forms and supporting documents so that the non-citizen can adjust status to become a permanent resident or a green card holder. It is important to know that if a non-citizen entered the country illegally she/he will need a waiver of unlawful presence to be able to receive green card. Read more on waivers here »

The most common documents and forms needed to be filed for adjustment of status based on marriage are:

  • I -130 ($ 420.00)
  • I-485 ($ 1070.00)
  • I -693 (Medical exam: no charge)
  • I-864 (Affidavit of Sponsor: no charge)
  • I-765 (Employment Authorization: no charge if filed together with all of the above)
  • I-131 (Travel Document: no charge if filed together with all of the above)
  • G-325A for both spouses (no charge)

Supporting documents include:

WITH I -485 (adjustment of status) (on behalf of the alien)

  • Birth certificate (translated)
  • Copy of passport with Visa
  • Copy of I -94 FRONT and BACK (latest one)
  • Photos
  • Medical exam in a sealed envelope
  • Copies of disposition for ALL criminal cases (hopefully, you don’t have them)

With I -130 (application for immigrant visa) (on behalf of the US citizen)

  • Copies of US Passport and birth certificate
  • a copy of marriage certificate
  • if previously one/both were married – copy that divorced/terminated
  • passport style photo of US citizen
  • documents confirming real marriage (joint ownership of property; tenancy in common residence; co-mingling of funds; birth of kids; affidavits of friends; photos and etc.)
  • Federal Income tax return for the most recent tax year (transcripts or photocopy, if photocopy - + W2 and 1099);

This list is not complete, and each case has to be evaluated separately. All the documents have to be neatly put together and with a cover letter mailed to the USCIS to the correct address.

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02 March 2013
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