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IJ Must Consider Immigrant’s Ability To Pay When Setting The Bond

15 March 2018

Author: Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova An immigration bond is an amount an immigrant has to pay to be released from the immigration detention. The usual situation involving an immigration bond would unfold when asylum seekers I detained at the border and placed in detention pending credible fear interview. If an asylum seeker passes an inter ...

Sexual Harassment: When to Complain and the Consequences of Failure to Complain

11 November 2014

Author: Discrimination Attorney Alena Shautsova Sexual harassment in the workplace can be devastating, whether it is a supervisor asking you to go for drinks after work on multiple occasions, or in more serious cases the forcing of unwanted sexual acts from a supervisor. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable at work due to the advances of a co-w ...

Discovery in Employment Discrimination Cases

06 September 2014

Author: New York Employment Discrimination Attorney Alena Shautsova Majority of employment discrimination cases are filed in Federal courts, and hence the disclosure of the information by the both sides would be governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Sometimes, a question of whether to file a case a state or federal court is a strateg ...

Undocumented Workers May Recover Unpaid Wages

04 August 2013

Author: New York Employment Attorney Alena Shautsova Thousands of US small and large business employ immigrants who the government calls “undocumented”. Those are men and women who earn their living and pay taxes but do not have a permit to work in the United State. They are not necessarily employed as agricultural or domestic workers. Quite ofte ...

Discrimination At Work: Who Is A “supervisor”?

29 July 2013

Author: New York Employment Discrimination attorney Alena Shautsova Workplace discrimination is one of the most unpleasant and upsetting things that may happen to anyone. One may think that in 21 century most employers are aware of the consequences of singling out an employee based on sex, race, place of origin, disability or age. The reality, how ...

Age Discrimination: When to Complain?

01 June 2013

Author: Discrimination Attorney Alena Shautsova New York State and City laws, as well as Federal ADEA (“Age Discrimination Employment Act”) protect workers from age discrimination: it is illegal to subject employees to harassment, disparate treatment and retaliation. Different laws provide different frames of protections, with the New York City l ...

Anthropologists Study the Prevalence of Sexual Harassment

16 May 2013

Author: Sexual Harassment Attorney Alena Shautsova Anthropology is the science that studies mankind in terms of physical and cultural development including biological characteristics, social customs and beliefs. As in many other scientific areas, scientists engage in fieldwork in remote and uncivilized locations. According to an article in A ...

No Matter How Important the Boss, Sexual Harassment Is Actionable

09 April 2013

Author: Sexual Harassment Attorney Alena Shautsova When sexual harassment occurs and involves individuals in notable government positions, it generally creates quite a scandal and can become high profile in the news. Such is the case with Assemblyman Vito Lopez who was accused of sexual harassment by two female staff members. Both claimed that he ...

What Does the Renewal of VAWA Mean for Immigrants?

25 March 2013

Author: Discrimination Lawyer Alena Shautsova The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) initially passed by Congress in 1994, was re-authorized in 2000 and 2005. However, reauthorization expired in 2011. In February 2013 Congress reauthorized and passed a revised VAWA. Under the revised VAWA, provisions also extend to women on Indian reservations and ...

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