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My Activities As A Delegate Of The American Bar Association

07 August 2015

Author: attorney Alena Shautsova Many of you have called my office this week and were not able to reach me as I was out of state. I have decided to include here a brief overview of my activities outside of the office, so you too can share any concerns with me regarding the points I will mention here and contribute to the process of improving our j ...

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Using Social Media To Prepare A Destructive Cross-Examination

By Anthony J. Colleluori The direct testimony was devastating. Jenny, the daughter of your client's ex-wife was hiding in a bush, and witnessed an attack on her mother by your client, her step-father. As the direct examination ends, the courtroom becomes silent, only Jenny's sniffles can be heard. She is believable, but she is ...

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Making Diamonds From Your Adversary's Coal

By Anthony J. Colleluori1 "A diamond is a lump of coal that did well under pressure." Lawyers who represent the indigent (or near indigent, which is worse) are often faced with a situation in which they cannot get the quality of experts they need to represent their client. This seeming negative, can be a positive, if ...

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