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DACA: Is It Worth Applying Now?

07 May 2021

Author: New York Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova New York Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps clients to address the Immigration challenges they face and plan for the successful immigration future in the United States. DACA or deferred action for childhood arrivals was first introduced to the United States Immigration system back in 2012 ...

EOIR Changes The Way The Immigration Court Cases Are Being Processed

07 April 2021

Author: New York Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova EOIR or Executive office of Immigration Review adopted a new policy for processing cases in Immigration court. It means that every person who is in Immigration court now (in other words persons who are in removal or deportation proceedings), or those who can be placed in such a removal or depo ...

A Break For U Visa Petitioners: No Deportation For 90 Days

30 March 2021

Author: NYC Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova On February 13, 2020, a lawsuit was filed against ICE’s former Acting Director Matthew Albence by ASISTA and Sanctuary for Families. The lawsuit was about the the ICE’s intention to eliminate the prima facie determination process for U visa petitioners. On March 18, 2021, Judge Jeffrey Meyer granted s ...

ICE Prosecutorial Discretion Review Process

17 March 2021

Author: Deportation Attorney Alena Shautsova New York Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps clients to fight for their status and stay in the United States. On March 11, 2021, ICE announced a new procedure that could change millions of lives: a case review tool. Over the past decade, ICE's priorities for deportation and removal enforcement hav ...

Dangers Of Using Unauthorized Social Security Number And Immigration

17 February 2021

Author: New York Immigration Lawyer The Fifth Circuit court has handed a dividing precedent on the case of Munoz-Rivera v Wilkinson. The case before the court was that of Fernando Munoz-Rivera, a Mexican born migrant who had passed into the US in 2010 with an unauthorized social security number. After five years, he was picked up by the USCIS and ...

The Stay Of The 100-Day Freeze Explained

01 February 2021

Author: NYC Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova I want to talk about the very essence of a free and democratic nation: The rule of law. America waves this phrase around, the rule of law, as if it were sacrosanct and inherent to the nation’s bloodwork. I’m here to tell you that maybe the rule of law is more a platitude than ever before. Thanks to M ...

Aggravated Felony Consequences

22 December 2020

Author: Deportation Defense Attorney Alena Shautsova NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps individuals with criminal convictions that may disqualify them from US Immigration benefits. An aggravated felony is a type of crime that according to the Immigration laws may have very tough consequences for a non-citizen. What is an aggravated felo ...

As If 2020 Couldn’t Get Any Worse: Expedited Removal Is Back

21 October 2020

Author: USA Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova Plain and simple: Expanded Expedited Removal is Back. Here is a list of everyone who should not be placed into Expedited Removal Proceedings. If you are without status, or even a permanent resident in some situations, it is important to read this over and check to see if you fall under one of the exce ...

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