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First Application, No Appeals

US asylum claim calculator does not provide an accurate chance of winning your asylum claim; an actual result may vary; the tool does not substitute an advice of an attorney.

Each answer has a score, the higher the score, the higher chances.

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  1. Are You Filing The Application Within One Year Of Your Last Entry Into The US
  2. Have You Been In The US Within The Past 2 Years
  3. Have You Asked For Asylum In A Different Country
  4. Have You Applied For Asylum In The US Before
  5. Have You Been In Immigration Proceedings Before
  6. Have You Been Ordered Deported Before

  7. Do You Have Live Witness In The US
  8. Do You Have Documents To Prove The Events You Are Alleging
  9. Have You Been Arrested In Your Country
  10. Have You Been Convicted Of Any Crime In Your Country Or The US
  11. Are You Willing To Retain An Expert For Your Asylum Case

  12. Do You Speak English Fluently
  13. Are You Represented By An Attorney
  14. Have You Suffer Persecution On Account Of Your Claim
  15. Did Anybody From Your Family Suffer Persecution Related To Your Claim
  16. Is There A Civil War In Your Country
  17. Where You Deprived An Ability To Make A Living In The Country You Are Seeking Asylum From
  18. Where You Subjected To Physical Harm In The Country You Are Seeking Asylum From
  19. Where You Subjected To Harassment In The Country You Are Seeking Asylum From
  20. Have You Lied On Any Documents Or Application You Used To Enter The US
  21. Have You Enter The US On A Visa Or Parole

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