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First Application, No Appeals

US asylum claim calculator does not provide an accurate chance of winning your asylum claim; an actual result may vary; the tool does not substitute an advice of an attorney.

Each answer has a score, the higher the score, the higher chances.

Please contact our office via phone or skype to learn your confidential results.

  1. Yes No

  2. Yes No

  3. Yes No

  4. Yes No

  5. Yes No

  6. Yes No

  7. Yes No

  8. Yes No

  9. Yes No

  10. Yes No

  11. Yes No

  12. Yes No

  13. Yes No

  14. Yes No

  15. Yes No

  16. Yes No

  17. Yes No

  18. Yes No

  19. Yes No

  20. Yes No

  21. Yes No

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