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Non-immigrant visas A non-immigrant visa is granted to a non-U.S. citizen to seek admission into the U.S. for a temporary period of time for a specific purpose. It is usually issued by the U.S. Consular officer in the country of the aliens' residence. The U.S. Immigration laws define various types of US non-immigrant visas.

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US Non-immigrant Visas: Diplomat Visa

  • A visa – This US non-immigrant visa allows for diplomats, officials and employees of foreign governments recognized by the U.S. to come on official business.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Business and Tourism Visas

  • B-1 visa - This category is reserved for individuals who need to come to the U.S. for temporary business reasons such as for contract negotiation, consulting with business associates, participating in conventions, etc.
  • B-2 visa – This US non-immigrant visa is for people coming to the U.S. for pleasure such as tourism, social visits to friends, and for health reasons, etc.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Traders and Investors Visas

  • E-1 visa – This US non-immigrant visa is reserved for individuals who wish to carry on substantial trade that is international in scope between the U.S. and a foreign state of which he is a national and there exist a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation or Bilaterial Investment Treaty or other arrangements (i.e. NAFTA).
  • E-2 visa – This visa is for people who have invested or are actively in the process of investing and there is a treaty between the foreign state of which he is a national and the U.S.

US Non-immigrant Visas: International Organizations Visas

  • G visa – Staff members of a listed international organization (i.e. IMG, UN) who are assigned on a resident basis are given this US non-immigrant visa.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Temporary Worker Visas

  • H-1B visa – This visa is for people who wish to work in the U.S. in a specialty occupation such as those jobs requiring a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • H-1C visa – This US non-immigrant visa permits foreign trained nurses to work temporarily at hospital in areas where there is a health professional shortage.
  • H-2A and H-2B visas – These visas are for temporary workers performing agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.
  • H-3 visa – This visa allows entry for temporary workers for purposes of receiving instruction and training.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Visitors Visas

  • J visa – This US non-immigrant visa is for individuals who are coming to the U.S. to participate in an exchange visitor program that has been designated by the State Department. Certain holders of J-1 visa are subject to a two year foreign residency requirement.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Marriage Visas

  • K-1 visa – Individuals who are engaged to U.S. citizens may be sponsored for this visa.
  • K-3 visa – Individuals who are married to the U.S. citizens may come to the U.S. on this US non-immigrant visa while they are waiting for adjudication of their family petitions.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Athlete and Artist Visas

  • P-1 visa – This US non-immigrant visa allows entry for a person who is performing as an athlete, individually or as a team member, or as an entertainer who is part of an entertainment group.
  • P-2 visa – These individuals would enter under a reciprocal exchange program between an organization or organizations in the U.S. and one or more foreign organizations that allows for the temporary exchange of artists.
  • P-3 visa – Individual or group artist may apply for a visa to perform, teach or coach in a culturally unique program.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Media Visas

  • I visa – This US non-immigrant visa is for representatives of a foreign press, radio, film or other type of information company.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Academic Visas

  • F visa – This visa is for bonafide students who wish to pursue a full course of study.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Temporary Corporate Visas

  • L-1A visa – This US non-immigrant visa permits multinational managers or executives to be transferred to the U.S. from a foreign company that is affiliated with the U.S. company.
  • L-1B visa – This visa permits an individual who has obtained specialized skills or knowledge at a foreign company to come to the U.S. to transfer his skills to an affiliated U.S. company.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Vocational Visas

  • M visa – This US non-immigrant visa is for students who wish to study at a vocational or nonacademic institution.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Extraordinary Ability Visas

  • O visa – This visa is for a person who has "extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics."

US Non-immigrant Visas: Cultural Exchange Visas

  • Q visa – This US non-immigrant visa is for participants in an international cultural exchange program that was designated by the U.S. Attorney General.

US Non-immigrant Visas: Religious Visas

  • R visa – This visa is for individuals working in a religious capacity (i.e. a minister) or in a professional capacity in a religious vocation or occupation.

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