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US Immigration Reform is a hot topic. For decades lawmakers, NGOs and the CIS have discussed ways they can improve the US immigration system. Meanwhile, millions of people: hardworking men and women, their children; people who escaped their countries due to economic crisis; people who lost their US immigration status due to no fault of their own, are fighting to survive and make a living. They are called "illegals", "aliens", and in the best case scenario "undocumented aliens." While working in the US and paying taxes they are deprived of the US social security benefit system, health system, educational system, and live in constant fear of being deported from the place which now is their home. Unfortunately, very often, even a skilled US immigration attorney cannot "beat" the current system and help these families. In many cases however, people have hope without realizing it. A long forgotten birth certificate, an application filed by a relative ten years ago, or even such a simple thing as a record of working and paying taxes may make all the difference in the world.

Mission of each US immigration attorney in our law firm is to consider all facts of our client's case, his or her family history, and immigration history, every factor that can be counted in order to find a creative and successful solution to the client's challenge. We represent clients before the Immigration Courts of the United States, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Consulates, as well as other agencies.

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US Immigraiton Attorney's Publications

  • Former Conditional Residents Will Be Able To Readjust Without The Court Proceedings


    US immigration attorney: Author: New York Immigration attorney Alena Shautsova When a person receives the status of a permanent resident before his or her marriage is more than 2 years old, or if a person is an investor, he or she usually will become a condition ...

  • Asylum Backlog, Decision Delays And Follow Up


    US immigration attorney: Author: New York Asylum attorney Alena Shautsova Asylum cases that were filed before January 2018 may be pending for a very, very long time: years. At times, a person appears for an interview, but the decision is taking much longer than th ...

  • Trump’s Health Insurance Plan For Immigrant Visa Applicants


    US immigration attorney: Author: Alena Shautsova President Trump recently announced that starting November 3, 2019, all Immigrant visas for those who are not exempt from the public charge rule should be denied unless a person can demonstrate that he/she will hav ...

  • Asylum Based On Political Opinion


    US immigration attorney: Author: USA Asylum Lawyer Alena Shautsova A person applying for asylum in the US has to present his/her claim based on one of the enumerated grounds. Political opinion is one of them. Many actually refer to asylum benefit in the US as “p ...

  • New Trends In Naturalization Proceedings: Good Moral Character


    US immigration attorney: Author: US Citizenship Attorney Alena Shautsova I read an article recently that a former political prisoner of Cuba, who advocated against Fidel Castro, was actually detained in Cuba, and later released on the request of the US governmen ...

  • New Public Charge Rule


    US immigration attorney: Author: New York Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova Will you or our family member be regarded as a public charge under the new rules that come into effect on October 15, 2019? The answer is crucial: if it is a YES, it means you or your ...

  • Expansion Of Expedited Removal: New Attack On Due Process Rights


    US immigration attorney: Author: Tomas Greenberg, Alena Shautsova   It’s no secret that the current U.S. administration has been cracking down on immigration, and a new policy released by President Trump has only further strengthened these efforts. The poli ...

  • Asylum For MAVNI Applicants


    US immigration attorney: Tomas Greenberg, Alena Shautsova   The U.S. government launched the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interests Program (MAVNI) in 2009 to recruit immigrants with language or medical capabilities to the U.S. armed services. Altho ...

  • Green Card Based On Marriage To The USC


    US immigration attorney: Author: Alena Shautsova One of the ways to obtain a US permanent residency without leaving the US is through marriage to a US citizen. However, not everyone will be eligible for this route. Here are the most common issues that arise when ...

  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: How To Serve Your Parents


    US immigration attorney: Author: Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is a good option for children (under 18 or 21 depending on the state law) who were abandoned, neglected or abused by one or both parents and who now are seeki ...

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