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What To Know About The Uniting For Ukraine Program


Regardless of the reasons, it is agreeable that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has gone on for far too long. Deliberate moves must be made by both parties to resolve and quell the dispute.

Nevertheless, some members of the international community are doing what they can to alleviate the plight of the refugees as a result of the conflict. Many countries are willing to take in fleeing refugees who are seeking refuge. NGOs and some generous individuals are doing what they can to help mitigate the crises and struggles faced by the refugees.

In this same faith, the United States of America has established a program known as Uniting for Ukraine. The Uniting for Ukraine program is a system that will help interested Ukrainians gain easy access to the U.S. and attain a temporary protected status or temporary permit to reside in the United States as well as a work permit. This is in pursuance of the promise made by Joe Biden to accommodate 100,000 Ukrainians who are victims of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

It is no longer news that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has hurt a lot of people. It is due to this need that the international community is doing all they can to assist the affected parties, especially Ukrainians.

The Uniting For Ukraine Program

On 21 April 2022, the United States announced the institution of the Uniting For Ukraine program. The program is a streamlined process that will aid Ukrainians who have fled their homes due to the Russia- Ukraine conflict to come to the United States. As earlier mentioned, this is in a bid to fulfill the promise of President Joe Biden to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainians. Hence, the United States is working on policies to broaden the scope of its immigration activities. While this move enhances the United States' humanitarian assistance, it also works to complement the effort of European countries that are currently housing and aiding refuge-seeking Ukrainians.

The program enables Ukrainians and their families who have been displaced by the conflict to gain temporary residence for as long as two years in the United States. Very importantly, interested Ukrainians who wish to apply for the program must have a sponsor in the U.S. who is willing to support them financially for the duration of residence in the U.S.

How To Apply For Uniting For Ukraine Immigration Programme

The first step towards applying for the process is that the benefactor who must be based in the U.S. has to file a Declaration of Financial Support form (also known as Form I-134) with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Thereafter, the said intended benefactor will then be vetted by the government of the United States, to protect against, and also ensure that they are legally able to financially support the person(s) whom they intend to support.

It is advised that Ukrainians should not try to access the U.S. through the Mexican border especially, when without a valid visa or any pre-authorization to come to the United States. In such cases, they will be denied entry and will be asked to apply through the Uniting for Ukraine program.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Beneficiary?

The following are criteria that must be met to be eligible for the Uniting for Ukraine program.

  • The said beneficiary to be supported must have resided in Ukraine until February 11, 2022, and must have been displaced by the invasion of Ukraine.
  • The intended beneficiary must either be a Ukrainian citizen (and must have a valid Ukrainian passport), a minor included in a parent's passport, or a non-Ukrainian immediate family member of a Ukrainian citizen who is applying through the Uniting for Ukraine program.
  • The intended beneficiary of the scheme must have a USCIS-approved supporter or benefactor in the United States who has formerly filed a Form I-134 on their behalf.
  • The intended beneficiary must complete all pre-stated public health requirements including vaccinations.
  • Lastly, but by no means the least, the intended beneficiary must sufficiently complete all required biometric and biographical screening as well as be vetted for security checks.

N.B.: Minors or young persons below the age of 18 who wish to apply for this process must be traveling to the United States with their parents or legal guardian to be eligible.

Step By Step Process For Application

STEP 1: The first step to take before applying for the Uniting for Ukraine program, is that the intended beneficiary must have a USCIS-approved financial supporter in the United States who must have undergone the aforementioned processes.

STEP 2: After a supporter has been approved, an email is sent to the intended Ukrainian beneficiary on how to create an account on MyUSCIS. This email should come with further steps to take and will require the beneficiary to submit their biographical information on the MyUSCIS platform and confirm the completion of all eligibility requirements.

STEP 3: The beneficiary must complete all public health requirements including taking the required vaccinations.

STEP 4: After completing the above, the beneficiary gets a notice on whether they are permitted to go to the United States to seek parole. This authorization is valid for 90 days and the applicant must procure their travel fare to the U.S. and will also complete CDC checks for Covid-19.

STEP 5: Upon arrival at any port of entry, each person (whether adult or child) will undergo inspection by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. After undergoing all necessary assessments, they will be considered for parole and may have conditions attached to their parole, if necessary.

STEP 6: If granted parole, individuals will be allowed into the United States for up to two years and can seek employment during this period.

10 May 2022
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