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Business Immigration: What Visa to Choose

04 July 2014

Business Immigration Attorney in New York Alena Shautsova To enter the US, a person may not be inadmissible: an inadmissibility to the US may be caused by prior violations of the US laws or by criminal convictions, including convictions in the applicant’s home country; any prior visa denials and cancellations of visa must be discussed with an atto ...

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Business Immigration: EB 5

04 June 2014

Author: Business Visa Attorney Alena Shautsova Brief Overview EB5 is an Immigrant petition that allows its beneficiary to obtain permanent resident status in the United States. The procedure starts with the development of the business plan of a desired enterprise and a decision as to: in what business and what size of investment a person is read ...

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L1 Visa: How to Immigrate to the US Using Business

05 May 2014

Author: New York Business Visa Attorney Alena Shautsova The L-1 visa allows managers, executives and other employee’s with a special knowledge crucial to the business’ development and growth to transfer from a foreign company to a branch currently doing business in the US. The L-1 Visa holder can only work for the US Employer that serves as his/ ...

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Blanket L Petition

16 April 2014

Author: New York Business Immigration Attorney Alena Shautsova When a company is frequently petitioning for L-1 visas, it is always best to obtain a Blanket L petition. Once approved, your transferee’s may now apply directly to their consulate without waiting for an individual L-1 petition to be approved by USICS. Unfortunately, the Blanket L Peti ...

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