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Green Card Based on DV Lottery

Author: Green Card Lawyer Alena Shautsova

US green card based on DV or Diversity Lottery is a program established by the US government that helps to maintain diversity of the immigrants in the United States and gives applicants a chance to “win” status of a permanent resident without having to be sponsored by a family member or an employer.

First of all, it is a lottery, meaning that applicant for green card has to register merely for a chance to be selected for further processing. The US government does not guarantee that all the applicants will be selected and does not guarantee that those selected will be able to receive a US green card.

Second, the process starts with a registration on the government website: Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. The registration period for US green card lottery usually starts from October 1 until November 2 of a certain year. Prior to complicating the registration form, which is FREE and is filled out only on the government website, a person should read the instructions and qualifications for the lottery. It is important to answer all the questions correctly as even a minor mistake will lead to disqualification. Entrant Status Check is the ONLY means of informing an applicant if he/she entry was selected or not. All entrants, including those NOT selected, may check the status of their entries through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website.

If a green card applicant is selected for further processing, he/she will need to inform Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) about it, so the center will know (1) if an applicant will apply for adjustment of status (the applicant must be in lawful status in the US for this) or will go through consulate proceedings, and (2) the Center will send appropriate notifications to the appropriate consulate abroad.

The KCC will make an appointment for the applicant’s interview and it is very important not to miss that interview. It is very hard, and often impossible to have the interview rescheduled, as the consulates usually are very busy during the interview times, and would like to assist and give a chance to all those selected.

If an applicant passes the interview successfully and provided there are no bars to receive an immigration visa, the applicant may move to the US for permanent residency.

The process takes up to two years. While it depends on a chance, the DV lottery remains a great tool for lucky ones to move to the US.

29 October 2013
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