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Not In Removal Proceedings

Step 1: File an Application

  • You must be present in the US or port of entry
  • The application must be filed within a year of entry (*exceptions apply).
  • You must have credible fear of future persecution or experienced persecution in the past.

Step 2: Interview

  • Passed Congratulations
  • Fail

Referral to the court:

  • Master Hearing (might be several)
  • Individual Hearing
  • Granted Congratulations

First Time in Removal:

  • File Asylum as a defense from removal
  • Individual hearing
  • Arriving Alien and Visa Waiver Overstay: credible fear determination first

In Removal Proceedings

Step 1: *Reinstatement of prior removals:

  • Must state that you have a fear of returning to your country.

Step 2: Credible Fear Interview

  • Asylee must prove reasonable fear of persecution or torture.
  • Passed May apply for withholding (maybe asylum)
  • Failed Be Removed or Request review by the judge

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