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Abuse Of Unmarried Women In Honduras By Gang Leaders

Author: Alena Shautsova

An unmarried woman is simply an individual who is of the female gender but is not a member of any civil union. This union is termed as ‘marriage’ in the world today. Unmarried women might however, be in one or more committed relationships which includes dating, courtship, and engagement etc. In other words, unmarried women in Honduras, are ladies who are free of participation in any form of long-term romantic association with someone of the opposite or same sex, as the case may be.

On the other hand, a gang is a mutually invented group that possesses a highly defined leadership and structural composition, which they utilize as an instrument to enforce control over a particular group of people. Gangs especially in Honduras, are popularly known to achieve this aim by direct or indirect involvement in illegal and ferocious conducts.

However, if one in 10 Honduran women who is married summons up the courage to declare openly, that her partner abused her physically or sexually at least once in the previous year, why would helpless, unmarried women be eluded from this inhumane and abusive act; especially by ruthless gangs and their respective leaders?

The Current State of the Abuse in Honduras

With reference to the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, women have been discovered to account for about 30 percent of the 4,700 people at the shelter as of November 6, with many of them being accompanied by young children.

The alarming and escalating rate of the abuse of these unmarried women, is a major reason why the first caravan privileged to first reach Mexico City (in a bid to find a more conducive and safe environment that supports riskless cohabitation) en route to the United States, are mostly Hondurans. This follows repeated occurrences of verbal abuse, rape, physical abuse and assault. However, there are a lot of emotional trauma, psychophysiological complications, stress and reactive disorder attachments that accompany this indirectly enforced relocation.

With this hike in the rate of abuse in both rural and urban slums, a saddening population of unmarried women who are victims of these terrorizing gang leaders, have been of immense contribution to the number of homeless people in Honduras.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that transgender women (especially unmarried) according to Amnesty International, have been declared to particularly be positioned to be at more risk of being subject to violent abuses and extortion by these ruthless gang leaders and even the so called ‘police’.

Furthermore, reporting these inhumane gangs and their respective leaders to the police – who have been said to be of zero authoritative influence in Honduras, exposes such woman to being found out, exposed and adequately dealt with. What else could be your best definition of helplessness?

Effects of the Abuse on Unmarried Women

Unmarried women who unfortunately tend to be in their early or late teens, have been found to suffer tragic disruptions in their academic pursuits and aspirations. It gets worse to be managed upon discovery that there are large extensions of this ferocious abuse to women of this age, leading to consequential mental trauma and anxiety. This tends to be of great disadvantage to their subsequent progress in life, if they are lucky enough make it out alive. How? By moving out!

However, exiting Honduras (which normally would have been against their will), is an indirect endeavor to support a huge reduction in both the population of women and the general population in Honduras. This subsequently exerts several negative effects on the existing environmental and economic atmosphere in Honduras. Furthermore, the population density, structure and population distribution suffers a helpless fall.

In addition, in a bid for these unmarried women to satisfy their urgent crave for survival, many of these young unmarried women eventually tend to search for illegal and immoral ways to make ends meet. This tells greatly on the level of crime rate in Honduras. If this isn’t curbed early enough, lawlessness is eventually found to abound, with zero boundaries whatsoever.

Chasing these resilient and repulsive (to abuse) unmarried women out of their respective homes, encourages the prosperity of homelessness in Honduras. This further leads to the subsequent lack of the basic amenities highly essential for life. What else affects living comfortably and abuse-free asides shelter?

Good health! Helpless exposure to different forms of abuse has been medically proven to be of detrimental advantages to the normal physiological, biochemical and anatomical functioning of the human body; especially for women. Rape in various ways is psychoanalytically traumatic. Beyond this, bruises on the superficial surface of the dermal tissue is known to be accompanied by an equivalent painful stimulation of the nociceptors (pain receptors) in the skin. Further health research (es) has proven, that women exposed to abuse early in life, are very likely to experience unusual conditions during their period.

A good way to conclude this article, is to remind you to contribute your quota, towards the elimination of abuse that unmarried women helplessly face from gang leaders, in Honduras.


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30 December 2021
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