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President Joe Biden And Democratic Members Of Congress Are Threatened By Surging Migraine Due To Disagreements In Immigration Policies


Before the elections that brought President Biden to power and took out former President Trump, President Biden's major mantra was against the extreme measures taken by his predecessor to end immigration. This was a major strategy for garnering support, especially, after making quite a lot of promises to bring down regulations restricting immigration and aiding "Dreamers" in getting the necessary documents to live freely in the United States. This was a major source of a win for President Biden, but how far has he gone in fulfilling his promises. With the curtain of his first tenure almost drawing to a close, it is believed that he has done near to nothing in alleviating the plights of immigrants and potential immigrants.

Immigration as a centerpiece subject has become a major cause of political migraine for the President especially since it was a major campaign agenda. Subsequently, it has led to many Democrats separating from him due to their vulnerability. This also is not good news for President Biden.

Investigations conducted by several survey groups suggest that the majority of Americans are not impressed by how the President has handled the issue of immigration since he came to power.

Currently, the challenge faced by President Biden is in two facets: Firstly, Democrats are not impressed by the absence of progress in pro-immigration plans. Secondly, the Republicans are taking advantage of the issue and using it to their benefit as they ignite fears of migration and the possible dangers it presents.

According to an independent poll conducted, over 75% of voters state that they'd most likely support a Republican candidate who will work to put an end to deadly drug cartels smuggling drugs into America. Another poll asserts that nearly 90% of voters will support the securing of the border to terminate human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Since President Biden halted the building of the wall and reduced regulations protecting the border, news has been flying around that drug smugglers and human traffickers are leveraging the opportunity to conduct their harmful trade.

Fl. Senator Rick Scott, in his response when asked how immigration might influence upcoming elections, responded by asserting that matters concerning the border will pose a very big issue. He opined that public belief suggests that the present administration does not care about a safe border.

Putting an end to certain policies orchestrated by the Trump government has also caused turbulence internally because this will increase the rate of border activities and the number of asylum seekers. Yet, Congress under the Biden administration has not provided enough resources to handle the potential surge.

One of such policies is Title 42, which seems to protect United States citizens from dangerous and contagious diseases. Although the courts have countered the relaxation of this law and ruled that the law has to stand, the Biden administration still seeks to do away with it. Republicans, many Democrats, and states at the border are not impressed with the relaxation of Title 42 because they see it as endangering American life.

As far as Tyler Law (a Democratic consultant) is concerned, immigration is largely a base-motivating issue for Republicans than for Democrats which is a challenge for Democrats. He opines that Democrats should hold fast to immigration tenets but also focus on more pressing economic matters like inflation and rising costs. He believes that it is wrong to treat all voters of color like all they want to hear is "immigration," whereas there are other economic matters that they are concerned about.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal posits that immigration is a complex matter that very few Democrats have been able to understand and even fewer are willing to tactically handle it instead of avoiding it. Hence it's no surprise that it is proving challenging.

On the other hand, champions of immigration insist that the defects in immigration policies are because the Democratic administration of Biden has been too hesitant about the matter. This has offended supporters and has given an opening for conservatives to propound anti-immigration notions and weaponized the issue to their advantage.

More recently, the issue of immigration was open to public debate after President Biden announced the termination of Title 42. A lot of Democrats moved camp with Republicans as they cited the inability of Biden to properly tackle Covid-19 amidst the origination of new variants. They feel it is irresponsible to put aside such a protective law without a proper plan on how to tackle the spread of the virus.

Without a proper arrangement in place to cover up for the termination of Title 42, citizens of the United States, especially those living closest to the border, are at great risk of contracting the virus. Hence, supporters of border protection feel Biden has to make arrangements for resources to protect citizens from every eventuality before lifting Title 42 or opening the border.

18 April 2022
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