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Asylum And Persecution: Can You Win Your Case In The US?

20 July 2020

Author: USA Asylum lawyer Alena Shautsova NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps her clients to win their asylum claims. Here, we will provide points for establishing persecution in US asylum cases that may help US asylum seekers in understanding the strength of their claims. Persecution is a central concept in the US asylum law. If one e ...

USCIS And Discretion: What Factors Will Have Your Waiver Approved?

17 July 2020

Author: NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova New York Immigration lawyers at the law office of Alena Shautsova P.C. help clients to convince the US government to exercise positive discretion and grant applications for relief. Discretion... discretion is the core of the government’s ability to control one’s application for relief, be it a waiver ...

US Immigration Options For Children Under 21

08 July 2020

Author: NYC Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova New York Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps children to find and pursue Immigration solutions in the USA. The Immigration laws in the United States are complicated and typically unforgiving when it comes to prior status violations, criminal history, or illegal entries. For adults, the exceptio ...

Who Is Affected By Trump’s Immigration Proclamation 2020

29 June 2020

Author: USA Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova provided a summary of Trump’s recent Immigration proclamations. On June 22, 2020, President Trump signed a new Immigration proclamation that effectively foreclosed most of the legal immigration into the United States. This was the second proclamation related t ...

VAWA: Divorce, New Marriage And Children: Tips For Successful Cases

23 June 2020

Author: NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova Alena Shautsova, NYC Immigration lawyer helps clients who were abused by their US citizen or lawful permanent resident family members to obtain status in the US using VAWA and other provisions of the US immigration laws. VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act, but the law can be used not only by f ...

212(k) Waiver: How And When To Use It

14 June 2020

Author: NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova NYC Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps immigrants to overcome grounds of inadmissibility and deportability. The US Immigration laws provide for a number of waivers or forgiveness for certain immigration violations. Which waiver to use and when maybe not so easy to determine: each waiver has it ...

212(h) Immigration Waiver For Criminal Conviction

10 June 2020

Author: NYC immigration lawyer ALENA SHAUTSOVA NYC immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova helps non-citizens to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility in connection with criminal convictions that are affecting one’s application for adjustment of status or United States visa. Almost all criminal convictions, and at times, even arrests will complicate a pe ...

US Asylum Law: What Does Membership In A Particular Social Group Really Mean?

05 June 2020

Author: Asylum lawyer Alena Shautsova US Asylum laws are extremely complicated: we have regulations, international law asylum norms, decisions by the Board of Immigration appeals, US Federal court decision, and US Supreme Court decision. At the law office of Alena Shautsova, NYC Immigration lawyers are working hard to stay abreast of the recent ...

Re-Entry After Removal: Consequences And Solutions

02 June 2020

Author: New York Immigration Lawyer Alena Shautsova A person with a removal order issued by the Immigration Judge or an expedited removal order faces extra challenges when he/she executes that order (departs the United States) and reenters the United States. A familiar scenario would be when one attempts to enter the United States but is turned do ...

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