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US Parole Program For Filipino

Author: Alena Shautsova

A new exciting announcement came from the Department of Homeland Security last week. The DHS is creating a new parole program for Filipino and Filipino-American World War II. While the parameters of the programs are still under development, it is nevertheless very good news.

Generally, a person who is paroled into the U.S. can come and stay in the U.S. for a limited period of time. Paroles are granted on a case by case basis and an applicant has to demonstrate that there are humanitarian reasons for the parole.

A parole is not a visa or a green card. However, often, the government also creates a pathway to permanent residency for those who were paroled in.

Note: the program is not open yet, and a person cannot apply for a parole under this program yet.

06 October 2015
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