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What To Expect At The Interview For The Removal Of Conditional Residency

Author: Bex Montz, edited by New York Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova

There are many reasons why USCIS may call you for an interview in connection with your application for removal of conditions. Interviews are not necessarily an indication of a problem with an application, however, it is suggested that an applicant seek legal counsel if USCIS has requested an interview with them. An attorney will be able to prepare an applicant for the specifics of their case and ensure that their documentation is in order.

On the day of the interview both the applicant and anyone else whose appearance was requested should arrive at the interview location at least 20 min ahead of the scheduled interview time. At the office location, they will check-in at the front desk, and take a seat in the waiting area. It is normal for immigration offices to run late with their appointments, but still make sure to arrive at the office before the specified appointment time.


Once it is time to be interviewed, an immigration officer will call out the name of the applicant. The applicant, their lawyer, and any family members whose presence was requested will then follow the immigration officer to their office. In their office, the immigration officer will ask the applicant and their family members to stand, raise their right hand, and swear to tell the truth

After the applicant and their family members have been sworn in, the immigration officer will ask everyone for identification and will begin to question the applicant. The immigration officer will start by asking broad questions about who the applicant is, where they live, what their job is, and what their relationship is to their sponsor. The immigration officer will then ask similar questions to the applicant's sponsor. The applicant, the sponsor, and any present family members may be asked whether they have been arrested. It is important, to tell the truth. An applicant can be approved even if their sponsor or family members have an arrest record.


The immigration officer will then ask questions to determine how well the sponsor and applicant know each other. These questions will vary depending on the case and an attorney will be able to better prepare an applicant and their family for their specific interview. The sponsor and applicant may be asked where the other works, where they went to school, and what some of their past jobs were if they recently traveled overseas and for how long. Questions should be answered clearly, succinctly, and honestly.

The number of questions and time required will vary per case, but after about 15 minutes the immigration officer will stop their questioning. The applicant will be told when to expect a response from USCIS, and the officer will ask if anyone has questions. The officer will answer whichever questions they can, then will escort everybody to the exit. After that, the only thing left to do is wait to hear if the application has been approved.

The good thing about I 751 applications is that there are no limits on how many you can file even after a denial; you can change the grounds of the I 751 as well, and you can file new I 751 even after you were placed in removal proceedings. If you have questions regarding conditional permanent resident status, please book a consultation at or by calling 917-885-2261.

11 June 2018
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