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Halloween Is Coming - Trick Or Treat, How To Choose An Attorney

Author: New York Immigration attorney

Halloween is coming, and with it the infamous question of children dressed as heroes or monsters at the door: Trick or Treat?

I thought about this as an analogy of the legal field for a while and it really fits quite nicely. The point of Halloween for most children (especially when they get a bit older and know the neighborhood) is to get as much of the candy that they prefer as possible and avoid the houses looking to "Trick". When searching for an attorney, a client is looking for the same: they want a treat, not a trick. But the legal field has one difference from Halloween, you might not be able to go out and try again next year, and usually you only get one attorney for your shot at legal remedy. So what are the methods of finding a good attorney?

1. Find someone who has already "trick or treated at that house". – Word of mouth is a great way of choosing an attorney. If a friend or family member is going to refer you an attorney that they previously used and were successful with it’s a no brainer, right? Most of the time yes, you want to determine the persons best interests when referring you somewhere.

2. Testimonials or Online Review – When it comes to the online review, it’s easy to spot a fake, they usually look very similar, maybe you are looking at multiple attorneys and the same review pops up for both of them almost word for word. Look for sincerity in these reviews , not just the overall star rating and number of reviews.

3. Google! – Google "Immigration Attorney Brooklyn" Sometimes you can get lucky with the first one on the page, but shop around and look at attorney’s profiles.

4. Look at attorney’s website - If their website looks like something a teenager could slap together in a half hour with their name on it, chances are their work will reflect their website. We live in an age of technology, even the government is starting to become more technologically savvy, accepting electronic submissions and filings: your attorney should be up to par as well.

A good attorney can turn the worst monster into the greatest hero; your attorney is your greatest ally. Alternatively, when you are just settling with somebody for a lower fee but do not feel absolutely, happy, most of the time, you get what you pay for. Do some research before you decide to go "Trick or Treating" for an attorney, it’s worth it when investing thousands of dollars into your future (especially if it is a one time opportunity).

29 October 2015
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