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How To File For Asylum Part II

24 October 2012

Author: Asylum lawyer Alena Shautsova Asylum Declaration or Affidavit The most important document in Asylum package application after the form I-589 is applicant’s declaration or an affidavit. It is a sworn statement made by an asylum applicant telling his/her story. What should an asylum declaration include? Ideally, it should include everythin ...

Motion to Reopen After Removal Order

24 October 2012

Author: Deportation lawyer Alena Shautsova A person after removal proceedings may file a motion to reopen or reconsider with the Immigration Court or the Board of Immigration Appeals (the BIA) to receive a permission to restart the case. The procedure is defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Immigration Court Practice Manual and ICE Memo ...

How To File For Asylum Part I

24 October 2012

Author: Asylum lawyer Alena Shautsova Asylum Procedure Asylum process starts before a person’s submits his/or her application. First, one needs to collect or try to collect the supporting documents. Those are the documents that an applicant can use to demonstrate the truth of his/her statements. It can be medical records, police records, article ...

Immigration Hold (DETAINER) and Bond

22 October 2012

Author: Immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova An Immigration hold is usually filed with the State or Federal prison when a detainee is a non- US citizen who is likely to be removed based on prior violations of Immigration laws, or as a result of a criminal conviction for which the person is in custody Nowadays, an Immigration hold is “put” on an imm ...

Students Are Ordered to Self Deport

15 October 2012

Author: Deportation lawyer Alena Shautsova Recent news from San Diego, CA regarding ICE raids against the students working as gypsy cab drivers proves that ICE takes seriously violations of INA and particular prohibition on work without authorizations. The ICE officials searched the apartment building and approximately 40 students who were engage ...

Advance Parole Must be Asked in Advance

11 October 2012

Author: Alena Shautsova Advance Parole is a permission to return to the United States after trip abroad. Advance Parole is issued to a person who cannot obtain a visa or otherwise doesn't qualify to be admitted to the country. Advance Parole is typically applied for by persons with TPS status, pending applications for adjustment of status, and no ...

Child Protection Status Act and Priority Date

28 September 2012

Author: US green card lawyer Alena Shautsova Child Protection Status Act and Priority Date: 9th Circuit Rejects BIA Decision in Matter of Wang. For many, obtaining a green card in the US is a happy event, but for many, it means that they will be separated with their children for quite some time. The following scenario is a common one: a parent o ...

Is It Beneficial To Act As A Defense Witness If You Are Deportable?

21 September 2012

Author: US deportation lawyer Alena Shautsova It looks like the question should be answered in negative. The US Department of Justice has demonstrated that a defense witness can “pay” for his willingness to provide exculpatory evidence. The situation involves immigrants without a status who voluntarily participate in a criminal trial by offering t ...

USCIS Answers Important Questions Regarding DACA

15 September 2012

Author: US immigration lawyer Alena Shautsova The USCIS just published its answers to the most important questions that many DACA applicants have been struggling with from the beginning of the program. The answers clarify the following questions: New - Q2: May I travel outside of the United States before USCIS has determined whether to defer a ...

Sexual Harassment At Work

10 September 2012

Author: NY lawyer Alena Shautsova As life shows, a person can become a victim of sexual harassment at any place: big or large firm, private or public sector. Recent news on the subject just prove the point read the story here. Frequently, victims do not go forward against their employers being afraid of scandals, future retaliation, and gossips. ...

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